In addition to developing independently-operating systems, ACS has significant experience developing wireless devices that control the functionality of machines/equipment while also communicating continuously with handheld tablets and smart phones. ACS will develop the app for iOS, Android or Windows systems, or we will work with a customerís existing app developer. Below are several examples of the range of technologies we bring to customers.

Automotive A/C recovery unit with 2 Bluetooth radio connections to ACS-developed Window’s tablet. Pressure/temperature/vacuum sensing system with 3 Bluetooth radio connections to Android or iOS smartphones. Diagnostic tool with 3 sensors and 4 Bluetooth radios connecting with an ACS-developed APP (on a Windows tablet, or iOS or Android) and a wireless printer. Also stores data in the cloud via WiFi.
Miniature Bluetooth LE sensor device with ability to integrate customer-defined sensors. Open source code permits communication with custom apps. Thermal controller for radiant
heating system.
Continuous monitoring system reports status of two performance sensors via cell network for 24/7 process alarm.  

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