We provide electrical and mechanical engineering, pc board layout, prototyping and manufacturing.


HMI Machine

Over 35 years of experience designing special machines and control systems for nearly every industry.

Product Development


Electronic device design (hardware and software), app development, and real time communication between device and interface.


  •   •  We consider ourselves more than product development experts. We are also consultants to our customers who desire to develop their own expertise and competency in electronic product development.

  •   •  Our goal is to teach you how to develop your own products without our help. We will provide hands-on NPD work while simultaneously helping you identify and establish the capabilities, skill, tools, systems and processes to perform the work in the future.

  •   •  We will work with your engineering team to train, educate, advise and teach your internal staff the details and process of low voltage NPD and wireless technology.


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